ANDY ANDERSON spends his days searching for Dub the cat in the historic coyote hills. to date he has found no sign. When he isn’t searching for Dub, he’s searching for jobs. To date he has found no sign.


BRIAN LUCETT spends a lot of his time laughing awkwardly at his own jokes.  If you give Brian enough beer, he is likely to either start high fiving strangers, dancing in place, or start talking about the immminent collapse of society.  All are fairly entertaining, so you should probably give him some beer.

IRON CHEF GILAD CHUDLER is the sous chef and assistant manager at the Berkeley, CA based cooking school Kitchen on Fire.  He’s a fan of butter and most saturated fats.  Gilad regularly contributes to brunch! magazine and Kitchen on Fire’s blog:

SARAH SHANFIELD lives in New York in an apartment the size of her bed. She works for L Magazine, and has written forStuff Boston, Metro, and Billboard.

CHRISTIE YURI NOH does not play any ball sports.

JACK HUTCHINGS resides in Los Angeles where he makes strange noises using varying combinations of guitars, vocal chords, reverb, delay, and records.  His band, Starving Daughters, put out a full-length album not too long ago and you can hear them and find a link to get the album at:

JESSE LA TOUR lives on the roof of a bar and spends a lot of time watching action movies.  He co-owns the Hibbleton gallery in Fullerton, CA (  He also blogs about eating chicken fingers.

PHUC LE is an artist trying to record his existence and regenerating culture through conceptual ideas, trying to understand and embody the idea of being the link between traditional and contemporary, feminine and masculine, academic and street, and other concepts of duality.  According to Phuc, being in the middle is a valid place to exist.

VIRGINIA VALDEZ likes minimalist art/design.  She drawns mostly with Sharpies and ballpoint pens, never using pencils or rulers.  Her preferred canvas is an old piece of cardboard.  Her design shop, The Head Shop is made in Fullerton, CA by herself and her red-headed hubby.  See her designs: www.

STEPHEN BONDOR has completely failed at all his endeavors: music, finance, film, community service, fashion, temp-work, landscaping, academia, non-profit, delivery man, laborer, assistant, tactfulness, street performing, entrepreneurship, friendship, and bus driving. He is also unpardonably ugly.  email:

MIKE SPIES has been ballin’ siunce day one. He is a part time worker, part time student, and part time lover. Also, he dabbles in philanthropy and excels in misanthropy. For more, feel free to check out

LANDON LEWIS scored the most three pointers in the NCAA Division III league in 2004.  Pretty impressive ballin’.

MICHAEL TRACY is the editor of FICTION, a pretty little magazine that comes out from time to time. More info at: He is also working on a fake autobiography, excerpts of which can be found at Contact him at

RYAN CASTLE wants you to know that if you’d like more entertainment of the Castle variety, you can check out his website at There you will find all of Ryan’s columns, radio shows, videos and forum discussion covering everything from sports talk to relationship advice to random observations that will make you go “Hmmmm” (in a good way). Check it out, your brain will thank you.

ZACHARY THAIS writes poems, screenplays, and the occasional erotic novel. He has a book of collected poetry called I Soul Genesis that sells for three to eight dollars depending on demand. Currently, he is giving them away.

JIMMY HSIEH is a slim asian male who is as colorblind as he is tone deaf. A voracious reader and a great writer, Jimmy literally reads/eats everything that he doesn’t understand. Overall, Jimmy ranks himself a 9/10, only because his stunningly good looks drown out his other qualities

MICHAEL ROBERTS recently spent the day at LACMA and was blown away by the work of Robin Rhode, participating in random mischievious acts similtaneously. He has a book available from Write Bloody Publishing titled No More Poems About The Moon. It is full of similar behavior.

JANESSA OSLE resides in the Valley of the Fountains, CA.  She graduated from CSUF with a BA in English, and plans  to attend graduate school at some point. She is the biggest Ramones fan you will ever meet, and enjoys anything that has to do with art. Janessa will work for food.

ALLY STOLTZ is currently working on an under-aged-drinking themed children’s book, and is elbow-deep in a very promising blog project entitled “Animals & Vegetables”. If you’re not interested in her writing, check out her music at GirlsGoneMild and/or Poor Friends for more.

EUGENE HAMPTON is an alcoholic.

PETER WEISBROT lives in San Diego, CA and does graphic design.  He really does have an emergency prepardness kit for when shit hits the fan, so you should probably take his suggestions seriously.

DANNY Z slings drings at a bullfight cafe.  He lives in a little yellow house and he is a regular on the quiz portion of the Nerdy Thursday Variety Show in Fullerton, CA. Check him out on Friendster.



SHAWN SANDFER works for company that sells chairs.  When he’s not selling chairs, sometimes he likes sitting in chairs.  But that’s not to say that he doesn’t sit in a chair while he’s at work selling chairs.  He sits on one there too.