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New Contributor!


Brunch!Magazine is proud to introduce our newest contributor John Fryer! Email him TODAY at, or don’t. We don’t really give a shit.


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Hard at work at #5

By now, I’m sure zero of you have been scratching your head wondering, “when are those assholes going to come out with another issue of Brunch! so that I can promptly get rid of it?” Others (none) of you have probably been thinking “GAWD, its been 4ever! Even longer – it’s been 5ever!”. Well guess what????

We’ve set aside our day jobs, shirked our responsibilities and neglected our non-existent children to give you (all zero of you) the chance to own yet another piece of useless history. That’s right – Brunch!Magazine Issue #5 will be hitting newsstands….whenever we get it done.

The good news is that the hard part is done, now the hard part is next. You’re not privy to that information.

Stay tuned.

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brunch! blog almost done

You’ll notice some new tabs.  I think the website itself is just about done although I’ll be filling content in day by day (I’m trying not to be a webslave).

More fun though: I have uploaded some teaser articles from brunch! #4: Ballin’! for your reading pleasure, however, reading it out of the magazine is a lot more fun, so buy it!!!


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Records, Zines, and Webs

Been busily working on getting this thing all set up.  You can read some articles from issue three now.

More exciting though is that you can now get brunch! from two more locations. One is Burger Records in Fullerton!  It’s located at 645 South State College Boulevard. They carry lots of new and used vinyl as well and it’s also a record label that puts out a lot of really great records and tapes, so it’s worth checking out.  I picked up the album, There’s No Sky (Oh My My) by JAILL.

The other location you can get brunch! from is your home!  We have an online store now!  Either click here: or on the covers in the From the Print Edition page.

More brunch! to come.


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Update! Issue 2, videos, and DUB!

Lost of updates today.

Several articles from Issue number 2 have been added to the “From the Print Edition” page for your reading enjoyment. Some teaser articles from the remaining two issues will be added over the course of the next couple days, but remember: the best way to read brunch! is on paper, the way that nature intended.

A video has been added to the video page. It is an interview that Jesse La Tour conducted for brunch! #3.

Lastly, a new page has been added to the site. Check out th elink titled “DUB THE CAT” to learn all about our missing friend, DUB and to hear a live recording from Nerdy Thursday when Beck Holt joined the brunch! bunch in song to find the missing CALLICO CAT.

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