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New Contributor!


Brunch!Magazine is proud to introduce our newest contributor John Fryer! Email him TODAY at, or don’t. We don’t really give a shit.


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Hard at work at #5

By now, I’m sure zero of you have been scratching your head wondering, “when are those assholes going to come out with another issue of Brunch! so that I can promptly get rid of it?” Others (none) of you have probably been thinking “GAWD, its been 4ever! Even longer – it’s been 5ever!”. Well guess what????

We’ve set aside our day jobs, shirked our responsibilities and neglected our non-existent children to give you (all zero of you) the chance to own yet another piece of useless history. That’s right – Brunch!Magazine Issue #5 will be hitting newsstands….whenever we get it done.

The good news is that the hard part is done, now the hard part is next. You’re not privy to that information.

Stay tuned.

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