Write up in the Fullertonian, New Blog and New Issue!

The Fullertonian conducted an interview with me about brunch! Read it here

You may also notice, if you’ve ever been here before that the blog is looking a bit nicer and has more content!  We’ll be adding some more sample articles from issues 2-4 for your reading pleasure.  There are only a couple of copies of issue number one left for sale, so get yours before it sells out!  Once it is sold out, the whole issue will be posted online.  So yeah, keep checking back here for more updates, as I plan on maintaining it with a bit more frequency.

Lastly, we just released issue number four on April 1st at Book Machine in Fullerton.  The event was a big success and a lot of fun, so thanks all of you that attended and /or picked up a copy.  The rest of you should get one now!  They’ll be available online shortly, but if you live around the Fullerton area, you should pick yours up at Book Machine.  We’ll be adding some more retail locations shortly.

Yours in brunch!,


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